Januari 25

Introduction: Principles and Practices (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 01: Project management (vimeo) (download)

Februari 1

Review 01: Project management (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 02: Computer-Aided Design (vimeo) (download)

Februari 8

Review 02: Computer-Aided Design (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 03: Computer-Controlled Cutting (vimeo) (download)

Februari 13

Recitation 01: Global Humanitarian Lab (vimeo) (download)

Februari 15

Review 03: Computer-Controlled Cutting (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 04: Electronics Production (vimeo) (download)

Februari 20

Recitation 02: Fab Lab Organization(s) (vimeo) (download)

Februari 22

Review 04: Electronics Production (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 05: 3D Scanning and Printing (vimeo) (download)

Februari 27

Recitation 02: Onshape (vimeo) (download)

March 1

Review 05: 3D Scanning and Printing (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 06: Electronics Design (vimeo) (download)

March 6

Recitation 04: How To Make Something That Makes (almost) Anything (vimeo) (download)

March 8

Review 06: Electronics Design (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 07: Computer-Controlled Machining (vimeo) (download)

March 13

Recitation 05: How To Make Something That Makes (almost) Anything (vimeo) (download)

March 15

Review 07: Computer-Controlled Machining (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 08: Embedded Programming (vimeo) (download)

March 16

Recitation 06: Why Make (almost) Anything (vimeo) (download)

March 22

Review 08: Embedded Programming (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 09: Mechanical Design (vimeo) (download)

March 27

Recitation 07: Fab Cities (vimeo) (download)

March 29

Review 09: Mechanical Design (vimeo) (download)
Lecture 10: Output Devices (vimeo) (download)